Tuesday, October 28, 2014

re : joy

The last witness of that summer of 2010. I fell fucking hard, kissed the asphalt, nicked my elbows and my knees. Cried pretty damn hard, as she scooped me off the road (in the same way J.Kennedy, in shock, turns to watch her husband's brains blow out behind him, grasps thin air, tries to scoop.) Bundles me on the back of a cab at midnight, we try to get over my fall (I can't)
Fast forward to the present, we've been merry-go-rounding that summer/fall/winter for a few years now. Got off individually at different intervals, but I think she got off for good now.

We're all bound by something, what is real life compared to this elaborate fantasy we've got ourselves in?
i'm too tightly wound.