Tuesday, September 25, 2012


School schedule is filling up too fast for my liking, I don't have time to create anything new like i was supposed to (or at least not until next week)
so here's older works in chronological order between 2009-2011 before i got enrolled in art school and when I first through my first semester, 
At that time, i was really interested in fashion photography as a medium to convey my dreams and ideas. I had completely no sense of direction, experimented like crazy with beautiful neon colours and more colours everywhere - and then with the lack of colour and a wild mix of both. I had my dad to help with hair and grooming, and many other makeup artists with beautiful makeup. Still, I never ended up with what i originally had in my head, it never spoke to me the way I wanted it to, so I let go of it and turned to exploring conceptual photography (right now) to convey dreams and memories (the fleeting)

(Eric L)

(model; Courtney C, mua/photo; me, Hair/headpiece; my dad)

(model; Lubna N, makeup; Shirley D, styling; Cheryl C, help; Yingzhi&Tiffany)

(model; Marius V grooming; Eva S)

(model; Aishah Shih, mua; Sha S)

(shane @ http://mymomhatesfashion.blogspot.com, mua; Aishah S)

(model; Michael M, grooming; Frankie Fong, styling; Chris Yong)

(♥ maan & Eleonora, makeup/photo, me)